Founded in 2006, Samsung Line Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the most respected and popular Plastic Clinic in Seoul, Korea. Samsung Line Plastic Surgery Clinic brand represents plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Seoul, Korea. Our medical team have professed the esthetic surgery and well recognized as highly specialized and systematic practices in this field.

Dr. Shin Hyun-Deok specializes in Maxillofacial surgery (facial contouring) and breast surgery and Rhinoplasty.
Dr. Shin has been recognized for his precision and fine operation since he started serving as a professor in Samsung Medical Center and Su Plastic Surgery Clinic.
He graduated from the Medical School of the Seoul National University.

Regular member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Active member of the Korean Association of Eyelid Plastic surgeons
Active member of the Korean Association of Facial bone Plastic surgeons
Active member of the Korean Association of Breast Plastic surgeons
Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Regular member of the Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
ActiveMember,IPRAS(International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)




Dr. Ahn specializes in anesthesia.
Dr. Ahn has been a specialist with abundant experiences coming from the years of her spent with Asan Medical Center.
She graduated from the Medical School of the Pusan National University.



Based on research and discussion about facial surgery of eye and nose, the differentiated practices are performed by individual specialist in charge.

With priority to patient's safety, Samsung Line medical team completes the state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment with specialized staffs and concerts our best efforts.

Samsung Line Plastic Surgery Clinic empowers men and women with the means they need to make informed decisions about plastic surgery procedures. We provide trusted, relevant operation.
As our prime safety policies, the perfect operation room is equipped with the anesthesia equipment with built-in automatic respirator and the latest monitoring system controlling patients' actual state in the preventive system against probable risks during operation. Also, the recovery room is operated for verifying post-operated patients under continuous observations of staffs. It is the very mind of Samsung Line medical team that makes every endeavor to insure the safety of patients by constant efforts and investment.

Our Clinic performs the subdivided procedures of practices in plastic surgery by the specialists of Dr. Shin, Dr. Seo and Dr. Huh in specific area. The individualized practices ensure more efficient and more safe result.
Our overall promise is simple: to help you for the cosmetic enhancement you want. Our technique & experience with thousands of patients show an enhanced appearance results in more confidence and personal self-esteem. Millions of people worldwide have found that plastic surgery leads to life changes that are far more than skin deep.
Double eye operation (Blepharoplasty)
Mongolian wrinkles
Upper & lower eyelid
Hump resection
Correction of deviation
Malar plasty
Chin angle
Rectangular chin
Protruding & Retruding chin
Gummy smile
Facial implant
Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Inverted nipple correction
Liposuction of abdomen, buttock, thigh
Tummy Tucks(abdominoplasty)
Mini Tummy Tucks(mini-abdominoplasty)
Facial filler
Forehead & Face lift
Neck & Cheek lift
Upper & lower eyelid lift
Hair replacement
Mustache & Beard replacement
Elimination of scars
Osmidrosis of axilla
Laser resurfacing
Please stop eating for at least 6 hours before the operation.
When you are under general anesthesia or IV sedation, the food in the stomach doesn’t digest well, which will affect the examination and diagnosis for the operation. So, please have a small amount of food a day before the operation. On the day of the surgery please stop eating for at least 6 hours before the operation. Do not have breakfast if your surgery is scheduled in the morning. And if your surgery is scheduled in the afternoon, just have light breakfast and do not have lunch.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol a week before the operation.
Alcohol and nicotine have bad effects on the metabolism and blood circulation, which can increase the risks accompanied with anesthesia and healing process. Please avoid smoking and drinking alcohol one week before the operation.

If you are supposed to be under general anesthesia or IV sedation, please wear simple clothes without makeup and nail polish. The shirt should button or zip down the front. Under anesthesia, at times, a few patients may experience hypoxia (condition deprived of adequate oxygen supply). This symptom can be identified by looking at nails and lips that turn to blue when oxygen is not enough in the artery. So please do not put on any makeup and nail polish.

Prior to surgery, should you develop any fever, chills or other signs of a cold or other infection, call the office immediately. If your lungs are congested or have wheezing, the surgery cannot be done as the risk of pneumonia and poor healing is too great!

Laboratory tests or "blood work" may be required several days prior to surgery if your surgery is planned under general anesthesia or you have some diagnosed illness.

DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, large doses of Vitamin E, or algae-containing food supplements for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. They may act as a blood thinner and promote excessive bruising. You may use Tylenol or similar medications.

Please come to our clinic at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
It’d be better for you to arrive in advance and feel relaxed before your operation. If you arrive just on time or late, so be in a hurry to get prepared, you could have unexpected change in your body, which could affect the last-minute check up before the operation.

DO NOT bring rings, watches, other jewelry to the surgery center or hospital; leave these items safely at home.

Discharge: You will be discharged approximately 1 hour after surgery if your surgery was done under local anesthesia. You will be discharged about 2-4 hours after surgery or the day after surgery if your surgery was done under general anesthesia. In some cases, you can be hospitalized for 1 day.

Driving : Patients should not drive right after the operation. Patients have better come with someone who can drive. Or take public transportation. After the operation, patients have difficulties in controlling themselves for hours, so it is hard to cope with sudden accidents properly and make the right judgment when driving. Don’t drive, it’s very dangerous. If you need limousine service after surgery, we can take you to the hotel or home with our limousine.

Smoking & Alcohol : Smoking and drinking alcohol can obstruct blood circulation and increase the possibility of inflammation. Alcohol and nicotine interrupt the metabolism and blood circulation, which cause problems in healing and detoxifying process with the delay in recovery. Try to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 2 weeks until the wound is healed up.

After the operation, it is important to take the medicine on time as prescribed.
Taking medicine is the very important part of post-operative cares when you try to return to everyday life. It is helpful for faster recovery and prevention of possible infection. You might feel dull and uncomfortable after the operation, but please keep in mind that you should pay more attention to the regular meals and taking medicines than usual. The medicine will last about 3-7 days and will generally not be refilled.

If you live in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, you have better prepare Arnica product to minimize postoperative swelling and bruise. (Sinnech from alpha pharmaceuticals in America, Arnica from Nelsons in England )

Bandages: You will have compression bandages or stockings on after the surgery. Do not remove them. They will be changed during your first office visit.

Office Visits: Your first post-operative office visit will be 2-3 days after your surgery. Your next visits are usually 6-7 days after your surgery.

Showering: You may shower 2-4 days after the surgery. DO NOT get the bandages wet.

Activity Level: You can resume your daily activity within a week after face surgery.

Sun Exposure: DO NOT expose the wound to the sun (or tanning bed) for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery as severe burns can occur from minimal exposure. Scars must be covered when exposed to sun or tanning bed (so as not to hyper-pigment) until all redness is gone, about 3-6 months. You may use tanning creams.

You can buy Limousine and Premium Bus tickets, and also can get information at Bus Ticketing Office:Exit 4, 9(Indoors), Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C(Outdoors)

Airport Limousine #606 or #6006 to come to apgujung rodeo station
Incheon International Airport to Jam Shil(Lotte World)
bus stop number: 5A, 11B
interval: 12-15 min
traveling time: 60-70 min
fare: 9,000 won
stop: apgujung rodeo station
First Bus: am5:30 at Incheon Airport / am4:15 at Jam Shil(Lotte World)
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Tel: 82-2-577-1343
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Airport Limousine Hotels (Gangnam) to go to your hotel first
To hotels in Gangnam area
bus stop number: 4B, 11A IIA
interval: 20-30 min
stop: Palace HTL, Ritz Carlton HTL, Novotel HTL, COEX Inter Continental HTL, Grand Inter Continental HTL, Renaissance HTL Seoul
fare: 12,000 won

Taxi Stands: Taxi stands are located on the arrival level (1F) at the passenger terminal between platform 5C and 8C.

Taxi runs at Incheon airport is in partnership with Seoul , Incheon and Gyeonggi taxi. Therefore the long distance premium will not be charged when traveling from Seoul, Incheon, Gyoenggi to Incheon Int'l Airport, but can be charged vice versa.
(For example, if you use "Seoul" taxi, the long distance premium will not be charged from Incheon Int'l Airport to "Seoul" or vice versa, but will be charged from Incheon Int'l Airport to "Incheon".

Airport pickup service

Because many foreign patients requested, I introduce a airport pickup service.
If you don't have much experience in traveling in non English speaking countries or visit Korea alone for the first time at late time, it will be helpful to use International Taxi service or Airport pickup service.

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